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9 Reasons to take Guitar Lessons with Tim

1. Teaching Experience: With 45 years teaching and over 1,500 students taught, I have developed teaching methods that will get you the results you want quickly.


2. Performance Experience: Having played in several bands, I can help my students avoid many of the “pitfalls” of playing music to “live” audiences and working with other musicians.


3. Music College Educated: Having studied at Berklee and Humber I will teach you/your child as much or as little music theory as you like. I have learned how to distill a “mountain” of music theory down to a few things that every player “must know” .


4. Results: You/your child will be playing  the music you/they enjoy as soon as possible. 


5. Customized guitar lessons: Lessons are adapted to the needs, interests and learning style of each student.


6. Professional Studio: With all the equipment, learning tools and software required to make the most of the learning experience.


7. Full-time Guitar Teacher: Every lesson is thoroughly  prepared for.


8. Security: Parents are always welcome to sit in on their children's lessons. (Police check verified)


9. Fun: People learn more when they are having fun. Besides, that's what it's all about: the love of music!




" When I was 14 years old I saw Jim Croce singing and playing his songs on the T.V. show American Bandstand. I realized that music could tell a story and make you feel something ... connect with you own soul. I started playing guitar. Soon after I began a career of coaching others so they too could have the incredible experience of making music”. - Tim Crookall

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