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Parent of 8 yr. Old Son

My son has been taking guitar lessons from Tim for almost a year. We have found Tim to be an excellent guitar teacher. He is patient and consistently makes sure that concepts are understood and reviews when necessary. Tim regularly checks with my son to make sure that he is enjoying what he is playing as he learns new notes, strum patterns etc. I have and would continue to recommend Tim as a teacher.


Nancy VanAlebeek 


tim crookall's guitar school
18 yr. Old Student
I highly recommend Tim to any of my friends who are looking to improve their guitar skills. One of my friends who did decide to take the lessons has improved greatly in  a few months. My favourite part  about Tim’s guitar lessons is he will adapt his teaching to what you want to learn.


If you’re a complete beginner or an experienced player trying to get to the next level, Tim is the teacher for you.


Kyle Darrock


Band ClassTestimonial Video

Teenage Student

tim crookall's guitar school

Parent of 13 yr. Old Son

I like the professional relationship Tim has with his students. He gets right down to business and you get your full lesson time that you pay for.


My son was taking guitar lessons else where for 6 month’s and all he accomplished was basic cords and a simple down-up strum pattern. In 8 months with Tim, my son is fluent in several different strum patterns. He can now play rock and roll songs with bar cords and solos. My son looks forward to his lesson every week in fact he gets upset when he is sick and has to reschedule his lesson. I couldn’t pry the guitar from my son’s hands these days. It was the best move we have ever made.


Dave Craig


guitar lessons courtice
Parent of 13 yr. Old Son

Tim has a definite method that progresses the student through the mastery of skills. Every skill lays the foundation for the next step.


Tim is able to adapt his teaching to suit the musical tastes of his student. I am also impressed with his professionalism and patience he shows towards his students and parents alike. I love that Tim offers his students a “band class” where he teaches how to play and behave in a band situation.


Tim starts teaching his students good technical habit as well as player etiquette right from the start.                                               


Chris   Campbell

Adult Student

Tim delivers pressure free guitar lessons at my pace and he understands my “learning style”. He is easy to talk to and makes it fun with no expectations.


Terry Miller


Parents of 16 yr. old Student

Our son has been taking guitar lessons from Tim since September '08.  In that time,we have seen remarkable growth in his playing abilities. Tim is extremely talented at catering to the student's personal musical interests while slipping in theoretical and technical skills. The student is having so much fun they don't realize they're learning. This is a rare gift one doesn't often find in a music teacher. Also noteworthy is Tim's outstanding reputation within the local music community. When we did our homework, and to this day when Tim's name comes up in reference to "who teaches our son?" the response is unanimous: "He's a great teacher and a great guy." My husband and I both have musical backgrounds and play a variety of instruments.  We both agree that Tim's teaching style and methodology have served our son better than any other school in the area.  His band program gives our son the opportunity to jam with kids with similar interests and abilities in a structured and safe environment.  Over the last two years Tim has also been a great resource when decisions on purchasing equipment came up.  He's approachable and patient when dealing with the various personalities of budding musicians of all ages.  Beyond being an excellent musician he's also a great businessman.  Everything is well organized and communicated to parents. We have and will continue to recommend Tim to anyone seeking guitar lessons for themselves or their kids. Thanks for everything, Tim! 


Ellen and Doug Simpson

Parent of Two Teenage Sons

Thank you for the good teaching. You’ve spurred both my boys on to the love of guitar. David has now a good basic foundation and you’ve given him the confidence to play. He now excitedly gets up on Sunday mornings to join the praise team in his youth group. 


Debbie Hooper

Adult Student

I am a 54 yr. old mother and I decided to learn to play the guitar with no prior experience. I initially took lessons for 5 months at a large music store where I purchased my guitar. I made absolutely no progress at all. I was overwhelmed and struggled weekly. I even changed teachers but it made no difference. It definitely was not a good experience. I gave up trying to learn the guitar. Luckily a friend referred me to Tim. I am so grateful he did. I have been with Tim for 3 months and I am thrilled at how fast I am progressing. Tim is very patient and has tailored the lessons to me. I am always excited to attend my weekly lessons! I highly recommend Tim!   


Charlene Stone

Parent of 14 yr. Old Daughter

Tim is a very patient, soft-spoken teacher and listens intently to my daughter’s needs and desires for song choice. He teaches her at her own pace and gives constructive professional criticism with a positive key. My daughter feels good after leaving the lesson and looks forward to the next.


Tim is able to tend to every student’s needs regardless of age or experience and is very friendly and professional. He is the perfect choice for anyone wanting to learn guitar and I would highly recommend him to everyone. 


Corina Anderson

19 yr. Old Student

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the time, patience, energy, and encouragement you have put into giving me guitar lessons. I appreciate it so much and would not be at the level I am today if not for your great teaching abilities! 


  J. L.

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