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Tim and His Students Perform!

Students Perform

EarthQuake - Anthem For Today

David Hooper (co-wrote and guitar)​​

Beyond Time and Space - Original composition by James Simpson (he plays all guitar and bass parts)​


Glasgow Kiss -  Kyle Darrock

 Student Performances

Individual Performances

Ray,  Jon & Delaney jam with Tim

Tyler & Stephen play Jumpin Jack Flash

Delaney Then - Delaney Now

Delaney plays some tunes

Delaney plays In the Mood by Rush

Drew & Mark play Enter Sandman

Tim Performs!

Highway Star solo with Anthem

Blues  Medley

Stevie Ray & B.B.

Tim rocks out with Anthem

Acoustic Finger Picking

with Hey Tomorrow

Knocking on Heaven's Door

with Midnight Council

All Along the Watchtower with

Midnight Council

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